Harrison Grierson takes the lead on the Trimble SX10

Harrison Grierson is an award-winning engineering and design consultancy in New Zealand. The company embraces new technologies and was the first in the Pacific region to take ownership of the Trimble SX10.

Josh Mason and Daryl Murray receive HG’s new SX10.


Why the SX10?

“The SX10 is ground-breaking technology and as well as providing our clients with a new level of service, it keeps us at the forefront of survey equipment advances.  Securing the only SX10 available in Australasia gave us a major competitive advantage and transformed the service and value we deliver to our clients.  It means we can now combine two separate workflows into one seamless operation, providing more and faster information than before.

Our existing TX8 enables us to produce extremely accurate 3D models of existing buildings or structures, and removes the need to interpret 2D plans. However, our TX8 and the new SX10, mean we can capture all the data we need in just one site visit, saving time and money by reducing rework.  The SX10 is super-accurate for construction setout.  We use its scanning capabilities for asbuilt steel and concrete structures while on site for the purpose of quilt checks and design assistance.  We’re also using the SX10 for volume checks where health and safety has been an issue.  The SX10 removes the need to physically enter some hazardous spaces and vastly increases the accuracy of the results obtained during the survey.”

Harrison Grierson


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