GIS data is more than positions and attributes

terraflex_iphone4_tree_lowresFor decades, typical consumers of spatial data were cities, municipalities and other organisations that used GIS to manage and visualise information about assets and environments. However, as GIS data flows from the field to end users, opportunities exist to develop information that goes well beyond the traditional positions and attributes.

Ron Bisio, vice president of Trimble Geospatial, discusses the potential of this information in this article published on GISCafe.

AllTerra brand replaces GeoSystems

AllTerra Transition Logo

GeoSystems is now re-branded as AllTerra! AllTerra is Trimble’s global distribution brand for its geospatial portfolio. With a fresh look, we’re excited to transition from the GeoSystems brand to AllTerra. Contact us at 0800 ALTERRA or