Country-wide update to iBASE reference station coordinates

Recent earthquakes have prompted an update to the iBASE network and you must complete a GNSS Calibration to ensure it is accurate. On November 14th the Upper South Island experienced a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake which is now widely known as the Kaikoura Earthquake. The resultant movement has impacted stations as far north as Hawkes Bay and as far south as Waitaki. The Kaikoura earthquake also appears to have triggered a slow slip event (SSE) on the east coast of the North Island.  This is affecting the Hawkes Bay PositioNZ and iBASE network coordinates. Given the significance of this seismic event, we have updated the coordinates nationwide to bring all reference stations in the iBASE network to a new epoch as of January 1st, 2017.

This is an update to the current iBASE service, the IP address used to connect to the service does not change.

However please note that there are important steps you must take to ensure you experience an optimal performance of the iBASE network, primarily that when you first connect to the iBASE service after the coordinates have been updated, you MUST complete a GNSS Calibration before doing any field work using the iBASE service. This applies to users of Survey equipment as well as machine control systems.

In keeping with standard naming conventions each correction stream will have Y16 replaced with Y17 as that is the new epoch date.

Key points:

    • Full Nationwide iBASE coordinate adjustment.
    • Implemented on December 9th.
    • New EPOCH date for all stations is based on a January 1st epoch.
    • New Calibration will be required as of December 12th.


For technical support please contact:

Mark Peters, Senior Sales Technical Support

021 524 425 or