GIS data is more than positions and attributes

terraflex_iphone4_tree_lowresFor decades, typical consumers of spatial data were cities, municipalities and other organisations that used GIS to manage and visualise information about assets and environments. However, as GIS data flows from the field to end users, opportunities exist to develop information that goes well beyond the traditional positions and attributes.

Ron Bisio, vice president of Trimble Geospatial, discusses the potential of this information in this article published on GISCafe.

Trimble End of Life Notices

juno3d-eol-74x115Trimble Juno 3B Handheld

The Trimble Juno 3B handheld has been discontinued and will only be available while stocks last. Trimble anticipate that the available inventory of the Juno 3B will be exhausted by the end of October 2016.

The Juno 3 series handhelds have been replaced by the new Trimble TDC100 series handheld.

High Rise Accessory for the Trimble MX7

Trimble has decided to discontinue the MX7 High Rise Accessory from the current portfolio. The reason for this is the possibility that the accessory could create an unstable installation in certain situations. You will still be able to mount the MX7 directly onto the MX7 rack mounting system, so this end of life shouldn’t be fairly insignificant.

Trimble Trident Sign Recognizer

The Trimble Trident Sign Recognizer will be discontinued. The tool is an add-on to the Trimble Trident Imaging Hub and is used for Trimble MX8 laser and image data. The module as well as the maintenance of the module are discontinued.

If you would like further information on any of these end-of-life notices, please contact your local AllTerra office.

Trimble Version Upgrades

Having the latest version means you have the software’s latest features and advances. That’s why we’re bringing you Trimble’s latest updates.

UASMaster v7.1.2 available

20160803-uasmastersTrimble have announced that a new version of one of Trimble’s UAS processing software solutions, UASMaster, has been released.

UASMaster v7.1.2 provides minor enhancements that improve processing stability and performance. The patch also includes language updates.

Download the upgrade.

uav-250x150Aerial Imaging v2.2.2

This new version supports the Sony a6000 camera for the ZX5 aerial imaging rover. It also resolves some know issues, including the failure of large .gwt files to import and the issue with memory leaks.

The firmware now handles low battery voltages more accurately. While this improvement increases safety it has decreased flying time.

20160803-mx7-115x115New Version of Trimble MX7

Trimble have announced that a new version of the Trimble MX7 Mobile Imaging System is now available. Updates to the system include changes to the sensor head, roof rack, height rise accessory, and TMI software.

Trimble TerraSync Software v5.86

The new version of Trimble TerraSync field software is a maintenance release which contains fixes for a number of support issues. This includes two Trimble R2 GNSS receiver issues: being able to log base files and an issue which could cause current estimated accuracy to
20160803-terrasyncspike when starting a new feature while the R2 was receiving RTC corrections.

Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software v5.85

Version 5.85 for the Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software is a maintenance release. This upgrade includes improvements to the way code postprocessed estimated accuracies are calculated for the Trimble Geo 7X handheld. This generally means lower accuracy estimations which more closely match the actual error of the postprocessed positions. The software now supports world files (.wld) with comma separated decimals.

20160803-tridentscreenTrimble Trident v7.3.1

The upgrade to Trimble Trident, version 7.3.1, includes a range of bug fixes and improvements. The new version will be available next week for customers with a valid Trimble Trident maintenance contract.

If you would like further information on any of these version upgrades, please contact your local AllTerra office.

Trimble Juno 5 series – now for less

Trimble Juno 5 series: Professional handhelds for GIS workflows.
Now for less, for a limited time.

juno5-250x150Juno® 5
series handhelds combine must-have functionality with the familiarity of a smartphone form-factor. Perfect for asset management and data maintenance projects, everything is integrated into a convenient, rugged package: high-sensitivity GNSS, Windows® Embedded Handheld operating system, Office applications, camera, and optional cellular connectivity. Compatible with GIS-oriented Trimble workflows, the Juno 5 is the smart solution your team can trust for standardising inspections and asset management.

For a limited time, Trimble is offering a special promotional discount on Trimble GIS Juno 5 handhelds:

Trimble Juno 5B handheld – with Wi-Fi connectivity
Trimble Juno 5D handheld – with Wi-Fi plus cellular connectivity

Find out how the Juno 5 series handhelds can help your business by contacting us today!

This offer is available until 30th September 2016.

Trimble introduces a new mapping “workhorse” smartphone


At the 2016 International Esri User Conference Trimble announced a new offering in the Trimble Mapping & GIS portfolio—the Trimble® TDC100 series handheld.

The Trimble® TDC100 handheld combines a smartphone and Trimble GNSS data collection technology in one rugged, lightweight device. It’s uniquely designed for GIS professionals working on job sites in a variety of applications including public works, utilities and environmental management.

Finally, GIS professionals can experience the advantages of a smartphone in a rugged professional-grade package for collecting data and inspecting assets in the field. The TDC100 combines the benefits of a true GNSS receiver in a smartphone form-factor, to give users the spatial accuracy, all-day battery life and ruggedness current consumer-grade mobile phones won’t.

“We believe the TDC100 will be a workhorse” said Ron Bisio, vice president of Trimble’s Geospatial Division. “It has been designed for mobile workers who need a functional field computer that is tougher than a consumer-grade device, while providing easy-to-use features and convenience that people have come to expect. Users can collect and retrieve highly accurate spatial data anytime, and from virtually any place, while remaining in touch with the office—with a single device.”

The Trimble TDC100 is available in two models for the budget-conscious GIS professional. Both models are available with an Android operating system and Wi-Fi, with an optional 4G LTE cellular version. Outfitted with a bright, high-resolution 5.3 inch display, an 8 MP (Wi-Fi model) or 13 MP (4G LTE model) camera, and Li-Ion batteries in standard (3100mAh) or enhanced (4800mAh) capacity, the TDC100 supports GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou as well as Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) capabilities to leverage improved real-time accuracy.

We expect to have the Trimble TDC100 available for you in mid-August 2016. For more information visit the Trimble website.

New Auckland Office

Counter Recp scaledRecp Dacre600x403 Dacre St Sign Front.600x403

We’re excited to announce we have moved our Auckland office to 34 Dacre St, Eden Terrace, Auckland. We’re now in a more central location and in a refurbished office with plenty of space. Come visit us!

AllTerra brand replaces GeoSystems

AllTerra Transition Logo

GeoSystems is now re-branded as AllTerra! AllTerra is Trimble’s global distribution brand for its geospatial portfolio. With a fresh look, we’re excited to transition from the GeoSystems brand to AllTerra. Contact us at 0800 ALTERRA or