Cintoo develops technologies and solutions for managing and leveraging the 3D data coming from the digitisation of the real world (Reality Data) in the cloud.

We are pleased to announce our recent collaboration with Cintoo, a leading provider of cutting-edge cloud-based solutions for collaborating, sharing and distributing point clouds and models. This partnership marks a significant milestone for us as AllTerra becomes a trusted local dealer of Cintoo’s exceptional platform.

Cintoo’s platform is designed to revolutionise the way architects, engineers, geospatial and construction professionals handle their point cloud data. With its scalable, secure, and efficient solutions, Cintoo streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and empowers seamless collaboration among teams. Now, you can easily store, manage, share, and collaborate on your point cloud data like never before.

Cintoo Cloud has integrated visual display modes in RGB, X-Ray, Height Map and Surface bring a new viewing experience and reveal a granular level of detail in your laser scans. Back face culling and occlusion management tools enable you to see through the walls, floors or ceilings without the need to clip the point cloud.

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