Hydro Survey Solutions

Hydro Survey Solutions

Seafloor Systems TriDrone USV

The TriDrone™ Foldable USV is a super-compact, portable platform for conducting hydrographic surveys in confined and remote bodies of water.

With remotely controlled capabilities, a durable assembly and an intuitive setup, this USV brings automation and efficiency to any work site.

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Seafloor Systems Trident USV

Seafloor Systems Trident Isometric View
The Trident USV™ is a remote platform purpose-built for multibeam hydrographic surveys. This trimaran collects high resolution depth data via remote control or preplanned autonomous routes, and reaches areas inaccessible by larger survey vessels.
The sonar bay of the center hull allows for flexible integration of various compact multibeam systems, and the outriggers detach for one-person transport. Extend the capabilities and flexibility of your surveys with the Trident USV.

Seafloor Systems HyDrone G2 RCV

The HyDrone™ G2 RCV is a one-man portable, catamaran platform developed for hyrdrographic survey applications. Working in conjunction with the HydroLite™ portable echosounder kit, the HyDrone™ accomplishes the same results as more expensive RC survey systems.

Every HyDrone G2 RCV is AutoNav ready; harnesess and connectors are preinstalled and AutoNav Module can be added at any time.

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Seafloor Systems EchoBoat

The EchoBoat™ is a surface vehicle developed for hydrographic survey applications. This is a multi-payload, remotely controlled and autonomously controlled survey platform featuring portability, improved thrust, and large, versatile payload capacity. Two different hull sizes and payload capacity variants are available: EchoBoat-160 and EchoBoat-240.

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Seafloor Systems HydroCat-180

The HydroCat-180 is a 5.5 m catamaran with individually articulated hulls, gimballed deck with a mast and dual-actuated electric motors. The vessel can be transported on a trailer, has a retractable sonar mount, SVP winch, and is capable of operating autonomously.

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AutoNav / AutoNav+ Module

The AutoNav™ control system enables USVs to navigate pre-programmed survey routes, making time-series hydrographic surveys more precise and repeatable.

Every HyDrone G2 / EchoBoat RCV is AutoNav ready by default; harnesses and connectors are preinstalled, so that AutoNav Module can be added at any time via simple plug and play procedure.

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The SonarMite BTX is the smallest, lightest, portable hydrographic survey system, so by definition the boat used will be either a light portable boat or a vessel of opportunity. The SonarMite P66 shell and ceramic transducer is designed for vertical pole mounting, although the actual fitting will vary with the numerous different types of vessel.

Seafloor HydroLite-TM and HydroLite-DFX

The HydroLite-TM™ should be included in every survey and engineering company’s standard equipment kit for hydrographic surveying. Adaptable to any vessel, the rugged, wireless HydroLite-TM™ looks and feels like your traditional survey instrument. It quickly measures and logs depths more accurately than standard systems, making fast work of pits, tailings, ponds, rivers, lakes and more.

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