Underground Solutions

Underground solutions designed with the surveyor in mind.


UPG has been supplying Underground Mine Survey equipment since the first versions of electronic distance measurement (EDM) were released into the market via the Geodimeter instruments. Our portfolio has now evolved into a full offering of underground survey equipment with Trimble and Geosight products combining industry leading technology and durable, reliable solutions for underground mine surveying.

Underground Solutions

Trimble SX12

Underground Scanning Total Station

The Trimble® SX12 Scanning Total Station is the industry’s most innovative solution for Surveying, Engineering, Geology and Geotechnical professionals working in Underground or Open Pit Mining.

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Trimble SX12 Application Overview

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Trimble SX12 Underground Mining Video

Trimble S-Series

Underground Total Stations

The Trimble® S-Series Underground Total stations are designed to last!

Built on proven Trimble SurePoint and MagDrive™ technology (and robust DR Plus EDM), these are no nonsense workhorses that work efficiently and dependably while maintaining the highest possible accuracy.

Product Data Sheet S5 Total Station
Product Data Sheet S9 Total Station
Total Station Portfolio Brochure

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Trimble Access Mines

Based on Australian underground mining practices and workflows, TA Mines module includes powerful auto stake-out tools for survey of underground mine operations. Whether you are using a Trimble S-series Total Station or an SX12 Scanning Total Station, easy-to-use interface guides you through tasks such as auto ring-setout or auto staking center line, grade lines or laser lines.

Trimble Mines Technical Notes
Trimble Mines User Guide

TerrusM for Underground Mining

Rapid Mapping with Survey Control

Built in partnership with the CSIRO, the TerrusM is a lightweight, portable mobile scanner that excels in digitising underground, hard to reach and troubling environments that are typically hard to map.

The TerrusM can create, manage and conform maps to survey control on device using a fast and simple user interface.
Rapidly document and manage large-scale assets in real-time with a simple, fast and intuitive solution.

TerrusM Flythrough VIDEO

GeoSight NX150 CMS

GeoSight NX150 CMS provides users with an innovative solution for scanning dangerous and inaccessible cavities in underground mining operations. It allows users to perform the regular 3D laser mapping of underground voids, shafts, stopes and ore passes quickly, safely and with accuracy. Fast, real-time data acquisition decreases operator exposure time underground, reducing potential risk to the operator.

Acquired data gives insight to stope production, helps extend site usable life, reduce dilution, calculate backfill volume, and investigate backfill and blast efficiency.

GeoSight NX150 Video

GeoSight NX150 Specifications

GeoSight GSM-16 Borehole Scanner

GeoSight GSM-16 Borehole Scanner maps inaccessible voids and stopes in mining, quarrying, geotechnical investigation or construction industry applications.

Safely, reliably and quickly scan inaccessible underground workings and upload the scan data to your existing mapping software, using industry standard formats (DXF, Point Cloud).

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GeoSight GSM-16 Specifications

GeoSight Scout

Wireless Hole Deviation Measurement System

GeoSight Scout is the next step in the Wireless Hole Deviation Measurement Systems.

This easy to use and cost-effective instrument accurately and quickly informs the operator of the accuracy of their drilling. Whether it is Diamond Drilling for exploration or Long Hole production drilling, it is a tool that sites will find they can not do without!

GeoSight Scout Specifications

GeoSight NX150 CMS Accessories

Boom system for Top Access (Stope Method)

GeoSight NX150 CMS accessories include:

  • Boom System
  • Buggy System
  • Tripod Adapter
  • 30m Extension cable

GeoSight GSM-16 Accessories

GSM-16 Borehole Scanner accessories include

  • Winch
  • Rodder
  • Batteries