Trimble RTX correction services

Precise corrections in real-time. Every time.

Trimble RTX is a family of real-time GNSS correction services available via IP/cellular or satellite delivery worldwide. Suitable for all industries, it gives you next-level accuracy and maximises workflow efficiency and offers the freedom to work anywhere.

Let’s find the Trimble RTX service for you

Trimble RTX Correction Services for Geospatial – Explained

Centimetre-level accuracy

Less than 2.5 cm / 1 inch, based on application

Fast initialisation

As fast as one minute in RTX FAST areas

Better uptime

Reliable networks ensure you’re always on

Back-up service

Satellite delivered Trimble xFill seamlessly engages if RTK radio or cellular connectivity is lost

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Engineered for precision, our Trimble RTX correction services can help make you work better. Rely on our team to get the job done.