Trimble xFill

Seamless service, high performance

Trimble xFill®, powered by RTX technology, provides seamless, centimeter-level back-up corrections via satellite if RTK or VRS signal sources are interrupted due to signal disruptions or loss of radio connectivity. Continue to achieve the quality results you need without disruption in less time, improving your productivity, and ultimately, your profits.

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How it works

Dropped signals are a thing of the past. xFill ensures you’re always on and working without interruption if there’s a network failure. Trimble xFill instantly switches over after RTK correction loss, minimising disruptions to your work and increasing your yields and profits.

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Maintain accuracy

Maintain two-centimetre horizontal accuracy during connectivity loss

Better uptime

Continue working through signal outages

Flexible options

Available for free from 5 to 20 minutes depending on your industry, and for extended periods with our premium service

Worldwide service

Satellite coverage makes Trimble xFill available worldwide, the ideal solution for providing reliable back up in remote locations or poor cell coverage

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